Patrick Halli - Triathlete & Paralethic Guide

29 year old Patrick Halli studies psychology at the TU Darmstadt. Aside from his studies Patrick uses most of his time to swim, bike and run in and around Mannheim and competes in Ironman distance triathlons. Five years ago, Patrick began as a guide for young, visually impaired athletes that aim to compete in triathlons. In the course of this volunteer work, he learned that finishing a triathlon together is very exciting and adds team spirit to a very competitive sport that is usually carried out individually.

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Shermin Voshmgir - Blockchain Technology Expert

Shermin is the director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics at the Vienna University of Economics, and the founder of BlockchainHub. She is also advisor of Jolocom, a blockchain based self sovereign identity protocol and Wunder, a decentralized Art Museum. In the past, she was a curator of The DAO and on the advisory board of the Estonian e-Residency and was. She regularly speaks at conferences and consults on Blockchains and the social impact of future technologies. Shermin did her PhD in IT-Management at the Vienna University of Economics, where she used to work as an assistant professor and currently lectures blockchain related topics. Furthermore she studied film and drama in Madrid. Her past work experience ranges from internet start-ups, IT consulting & filmmaking. Among others her films have screened in Cannes and at dOCUMENTA. Shermin is Austrian with Iranian roots, living between Berlin and Vienna.

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Arno Heinisch - CEO & Co-Founder Rocket Beans Entertainment GmbH

In january 2015 Arno Heinisch, together with Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff, Etienne Gardé und Simon Krätschmerer, started the first independent internet channel Rocket Beans TV and without making a detour the team could tie up with similarly creative TV formats (as e.g. 307 or “Game One”) that they had produced before. Awards like the Grimme Online Award 2011 for „“, the Deutsche Webvideopreises 2014 and 2015 and the „1. Deutschen Content Marketing Preises“ (2015), the honor as „Start Up des Jahres 2016“ by Grü and winning the „Deutschen Fernsehpreises“ 2017 turn the „B.E.A.N.S.“ into one of the most influential gaming producers in Germany. After finishing his study of economics in 1995 Arno initially worked for Schwartzkopff TV as a chief editor. He then in 2003 founded the Riesenbuhei Entertainment GmbH and was nominated for the Grimme-Preis for TV formats like „Pimp my Fahrrad“ and „Ausflug mit Kuttner“ as well.

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Obada Alhalabi - International Medical Student

Obada Alhalabi moved to Germany six years ago to study medicine. Born in Kuwait to Syrian parents, he tested and tasted the challenges and rewards of integration into the German society and university life as an international medical student. Turning challenges to opportunities, he took part in initiatives that help integrate his peer international students and was proactive in refugee aid. With extensive extracurriculars, he managed to achieve academic success, hence the DAAD award for international students he received last year.

Isaiah Lopaz - Artist & T-Shirt Activist

Isaiah Lopaz is a writer and an artist who was born in Los Angeles in 1979. Through collage, photography, and “curated conversations”, his work explores race and racism, African and Afro-Diasporic histories, and the lived experiences of people who identify as both Black and Queer. He currently lives in Berlin and is hard at work on a play titled “Things that rhyme in English don’t rhyme in German”.

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Timo Goeschl - Environmental Economist

Timo Goeschl is Professor of Environmental Economics in the Department of Economics at Heidelberg University and Director of the Research Center for Environmental Economics as well as Research Associate of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. Timo studied Economics at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Innsbruck. He received his PhD from the University of Cambridge. Before coming to Heidelberg, Timo was a Research Fellow at University College London, University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, and Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Timo is co-editor of the journal Environmental and Resource Economics and, over the years, has advised the World Bank, the OECD, the International Maritime Organization, the UK’s Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, the Environment Agency for England and Wales, and the German Parliament (Bundestag), among others.

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Andrea Kruse - Chemist & Renewable Resource Pioneer

Andrea Kruse studied chemistry at the University of Heidelberg and after having received her PhD at the University of Heidelberg and the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (KIT today), she became junior group leader and later group leader in Karlsruhe. For her habilitation at the University of Darmstadt, Andrea focused on new concepts for the production of hydrogen from carbohydrates, one of the major components of biomass. Since 2012 Andrea is a professor for conversion technologies of bio-based resources at the University Hohenheim and has, among other research focuses, great interest in the conversion of biomass into basic chemicals and energy carrier. Beside her research efforts and lectures, Andrea is board member of a variety of committees and institutes as e.g. the Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum (DBFZ) in Leipzig.

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Sameera Singh - Psychology, Neuroscience & Philosophy Student

Sameera grew up in New Delhi, India and studies Psychology, Neuroscience, and Philosophy at McMaster University, Canada. She spends a lot of time ruminating about existence and morality or getting excited over a well-designed psychology experiment (such as those of Kahneman's that revealed how irrational humans are!). In 2017, Sameera helped design a course for McMaster University called Engaging your world: Science For a Global citizen which aims to teach how science interacts with society; how science addresses the key challenges in our society and how society affects the way science is conducted. Currently, Sameera is at Heidelberg University as an exchange student to deepen her knowledge of philosophy. When she is not reading Kant, she loves doing improv comedy and ranting about disability rights. She hopes that one day her rumination and ranting can turn into ideas that impact the world.

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