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The Marsilius Kolleg of Heidelberg University bridges the gap between sciences and humanities through meetings and joint projects, which in turn promotes understanding and cooperation between the sciences and the humanities. Founded in 2007, the Marsilius Kolleg is a central component of Heidelberg’s successful proposal granted by the Excellence Initiative, launched by the federal and state governments of Germany.

Studierenden Rat (StuRa)

The „Studierendenrat“ is a student council representing all students of the University of Heidelberg. It works on a federal, equal and directly democratic basis. Both representatives of the individual programs (as for example of American Studies, Geography, Biology) and representatives of university groups form a council that decides over matters concerning all students such as the application of funds or the positioning of the student body in regard of structural changes planned by the university. As a result, not only the vice chancellor will be able to make decisions about future plans, but the students will also have a say in what is happening. This is why it is important for you to go to the elections and to vote for your representatives at the StuRa.


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